About H.M. Verploegen

Transport company, established in the Netherlands and Poland
H.M. Verploegen is a genuine family company. Established by Mr Herman Verploegen in 1936, the third generation is now active within the company.

A bit of transport history
Herman Verploegen, located in Deest, started transporting construction materials and livestock. At the time he did this with horse and wagon. But is wasn’t long until the first trucks followed. In the years after the war, the company began to expand. The first staff were hired, and a few of Herman’s sons also participated in the enterprise.


Slowly, the company grew into a small business specialised in the transport of construction materials. However, this tradition was broken in the seventies. The company started to transport internationally with several cars, in countries including France, Spain, and Germany. At the start of the eighties, Poland was added to this list. These countries are still popular destinations. In the mid-eighties, the company expanded to include some logistics in the form of storage, and the handling of construction materials, as well as the loading and unloading of ships with construction materials. With an increased demand for transport to and from Eastern Europe, Verploegen opened its first overseas branch in Krakow, Poland, in 1991. This branch has grown into an establishment with around thirty trucks that are always on the move for customers, both nationally and internationally.

historie-verploegen2Since 2008, the third Verploegen generation has been working within this organisation, which has now been around for almost 80 years. They intend to continue the years of logistic service, knowledge, and quality, and elevate it to an even higher level. “Superior quality logistics”, that is the aim.